As if the world wasn't crazy enough about apps and emojis already, Disney has only gone and announced the launch of their own line, which includes 400 Disney Pixar themed icons. 

A fantastic marketing move by Disney some may say? The legacy of this brand stretches for years into history and the emotional connection that adults and children alike possess for the brand is astonishingly strong. Interestingly, you can only come into possession of the emojis through Disney's very own 'catch 'em all' style game, Disney Emoji Blitz (sounds very Pokemon Go-ish to me...). Word on the grapevine is that it's pretty addictive so I plan on steering clear. 

People generally use emojis as a way of expressing emotion (and at times to eliminate selecting from a pool of highly unsociable words and phrases), so to marry that notion with one of the world's leading, historical and multi-faceted brands can only be a total winner right? After all, emotional marketing works, it's proven. What better way for Disney to connect to the masses than through it's very own game and selection of exciting new emoji characters to add to the Whatsapps! Read more below: