Are British audiences engaging in cinema? This Little White Lies article explores British culture vs. Swedish culture when it comes to cinema watching. I'm all too familiar with the "toxic glare of disapproval" that comes with laughing 'too loudly' or uncontrollable sobbing... (I'm a crier) from angry audience participants. But I would be lying if I said I didn't also give the glare to screaming Twilight fans (yes I saw it in the Cinema). Should we be so self conscious in the cinema, especially with the arrival of 3D and now 4D films that seems there to create a reaction; "Oh my god that little yellow minion is heading towards me and my seat is shaking while being sprayed with water ahhhh". Cinema is meant to be fun, films want to get a reaction out of Audiences, if your not laughing, crying or screaming there's got to be something wrong with the film right?