On Friday I took my two brothers, (20 and 9) to see Secret Cinema: The Empire Strikes Back. I told them next to nothing about it other than they should dress up. We were all very nervous about dressing up in the centre on London at rush hour, but as we got closer to the secret location we noticed more and more 'Rebels'. We all got very excited and quickly put on our own costumes (I wore a grey jumpsuit, I was Yan, a governor of the alliance) from then on we were thrown into another planet. The 'actors' (aliens, Storm troopers, other rebels) were brilliant and did everything they could to convince us that this was all really happening.

I won't go into the details of what happened in this years Secret Cinema but I'll tell you that the set is huge ("REAL SAND" shouted my younger brother"). About half way through I thought I had seen everything, only to realise that we had only seen half - I am not over exaggerating, the set was HUGE. My two brothers have not stopped talking about it since and are eager to go again next year.

The tickets are pricey but very worth it, especially if you compare it the price of a west end show.